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I’m going to Substack. No, I’m not leaving Medium yet.

I’ve noticed that in the last few months, my Medium traffic numbers have been down, both for new articles and old articles, with the notable exception of “No, Trump is not the fattest president,” which is apparently evergreen.

Maybe it’s the Medium algorithm. Maybe I’m having trouble getting visibility on the social media platforms where I share links. I don’t know why, but simply staying on Medium isn’t the option. However, I own my writing, so I’m free to post it elsewhere.

My first step is to start cross-posting on Substack, and as of right now, I’ve finished cross-posting my older Medium articles on Substack.

If you like my writing and use Substack, please do subscribe to me there. If you use Medium, subscribe to me right here on this platform. For now, my plan is to post my new articles on Substack and then cross-post them to Medium, and possibly other platforms as well.

Fellow writers reading this, if you have any tips on how to handle posting to multiple platforms elegantly and simply, or suggestions on additional platforms to us, please do feel invited to comment.



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Tomas McIntee

Dr. Tomas McIntee is a mathematician and occasional social scientist with stray degrees in physics and philosophy.