No, Trump is not the fattest president

He probably is lying about his height, though.

Modified from this public domain image.
The front of Trump’s draft card

Height reporting errors are common

OKCupid’s graphic description of the height exaggeration effect.
Modified public domain image.

Trump’s weight

6'2" 235 pound Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1974 Mr. Olympia contest on the left; on the right, allegedly 6'3" 244 pound President Donald Trump in 2019. Both public domain images.
Image of Marshal Yanda at 6'4" and about 300 pounds from here; image of Trump golfing is public domain.

The fattest president

Public domain image.
Grover Cleveland (center) with his cabinet. Note his visible rotundity. Public domain image.

Dr. Tomas McIntee is a mathematician and occasional social scientist with stray degrees in physics and philosophy.

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