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So hi. I’m Tomas McIntee. I’m a mathematician and social scientist with a doctorate from UC-Irvine and several lower-level degrees from Appalachian State University (master’s in math, bachelors’ in physics, math, philosophy & religion). I’m fueled by coffee and curiosity.

It happens that I think a lot — and carefully — about politics. My dissertation was on the mathematics of voting, and I have published peer-reviewed papers on the topic. I’ve been working on a book on the Electoral College, and for the last several years, I’ve been posting articles online about voting systems, elections, and other political topics.

Some of those articles are on the Electoral College and can be seen under the Electoral University Press publication, and there’s a series of basic articles on voting theory in the Basic Voting Theory publication. To get my articles directly in my inbox, subscribe.

For a scattering of less detailed writings, half-formed opinions, and questions, follow me on Twitter. My political articles also go out through the MathIntee Political Post on Substack, with my more miscellaneous articles piped out through Tomas’s Miscellany.

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